This page contains media, including press coverage related to Patrick Stephens, and files.

BPI 15th Commencement

Patrick addresses graduating class

This video documents Bard Prison Initiative's 15th commencement ceremony.  This is the commencement where Mr. Stephens earned his Associate's degree.

Patrick Stephens Deserves Clemency

December 2020 Clemency Video Submission

This video accompanies the 4th submission to the NY Executive Clemency Bureau and Governor Andrew Cuomo. (The original clemency request was submitted in December 2018.)


The full package submitted to the Bureau includes a plethora of information (both updated info and previously submitted), blog posts, letters of support and petition comments, Patrick’s personal statements, family photos, and this video all uniquely packaged in a custom box.


A huge thank you to everyone who participated and assisted in the video and packaging (see credits at the end of the video).

College Behind Bars

Series now available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

This 4-part documentary explores the transformative power of education through the eyes of a dozen incarcerated men and women trying to earn college degrees – and a chance at new beginnings – from one of the country’s most rigorous prison education programs.  Mr. Stephens earned his Associate's and Bachelor's degrees from this program, Bard Prison Initiave at Bard College. (Although he is not a main storyline in the documentary, you can catch glimpses of him in several scenes throughout the series.)

BPI 18th Commencement

"God is up to something." - Rev. Dr. William Barber II

This video documents Bard Prison Initiative's 18th commencement ceremony.  This is the commencement where Mr. Stephens earned his Bachelor's degree.


Examining Race in the Biopolitical State:
The Flawed Eugenic Worldview Paradigm in the Age of Genomics

Senior Project submitted to The Division of Social Studies of Bard College

This paper was completed in December 2018 as a requirement for completion of his Bachelor's degree from Bard College.  What you are about to read is very relevant to the current racial climate and gives an even deeper understanding of how we got to this point. Keep a dictionary close and enjoy the ride!


Ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo to grant Patrick clemency.

A request for clemency was submitted to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in December 2018 and is still awaiting response.  With the growing concern of the Covid-19 outbreak within the prison, we are asking for your help to push the clemency request along so that Patrick Stephens can be released immediately.